Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ball, Ball, Ball and more Ball

Drew's baseball game that was rained out on Saturday was rescheduled for Sunday night. I was NOT happy. Loudly not happy. By Sunday night I had calmed down enough to take him to his game. After church. The game wasn't scheduled to start until 7:30 and didn't actually start until 8 p.m. So, while we were not there the usual 1 hour and 15 minutes before game time, we did make it by about 7:20, so he had plenty of time to throw and warm up. Except warm is not really a word I would use to describe Sunday night. It was plain COLD. Actually, it was so cold that I don't remember anything interesting about the game. I had to use all my energy trying to get/stay warm. Krissy came from small groups wearing shorts. She really froze. David came after Deacon's meeting. We lost the game. We didn't leave the ballpark until 10:15 pm. On a school night.
Monday night Krissy had a game in Columbia against Ridgeview. It was scheduled to start at 8pm. Our JV team was in the third inning of their game as we got there. They were winning 25-2. They called the game on the run rule at the end of the third inning so we got to start a little earlier than 8pm. It was a good game. Krissy was the starting pitcher that night and got the win! Ridgeview's softball field is down at the bottom of a hill and almost looks like it was dug out of the hill. I think the hill was only around two sides of the field though. It was an interesting set up. The visitor's bleachers were directly beside first base and the fence was only about 4 feet tall so if the 1st baseman missed a ball being thrown from short or 3rd base the was no protection for the fans. Thank goodness we have a GREAT 1st baseman who kept us safe!
Tuesday night we played Hartsville again. They beat us 11-2 the last night of the first "half" of our season. This turned out to be one of the most exciting games I have ever seen. We were loosing 4-3 for a good portion of the game. Carson pitched really well but Hartsville has some really good hitters. Krissy came in during the 4th inning and did a great job. She didn't allow any more runs to score, but we were still down by one as we went in for our last at bat. Krissy and Elizabeth were unable to get hits so Carson came up to bat with two outs and hit a double! She was standing on third due to stealing on a passed ball while Chris was at bat. Chris was standing in the batter's box with two strikes when she smashed a walk off home run to left field! We won 5-4!.Photobucket Wednesday night we all four got to go to church and stay the WHOLE time. That has not happened in several weeks. One or the other of the kids has had a game every Wednesday night for the past several. It was like having a night off.
I was really NOT looking forward to tonight. I do not like to miss either of the kids games and tonight I was going to have to miss one or the other. Krissy played in Cheraw and Drew had a game here in Florence. David has had to miss a couple of Krissy's games already so we decided that he would go to Cheraw and I would take Drew to his game. Thank goodness for cell phones. Drew had the greatest hit of his season so far this year! When it left the bat I really thought it was going out. It wound up hitting the Piggly Wiggly sign in center field. Just a tiny bit higher and it would have been over the fence! David called me several times to give me updates from Cheraw. Krissy started tonight and the score was 0-0 the first time he called. (I think it was the second inning) Right after I called him to tell him about Drew's hit, he called me right back to tell me that both our kids were hitting tonight! Krissy had gotten a hit over the second baseman's head. While we were on the phone the next batter (Elizabeth, the awesome 1st baseman) hit a homerun! We were winning 2-0. When I got the next report Cheraw had tied the game, but by the next report we were winning 6-2. (I believe this was the 3rd inning). Carson came in during the 4th or 5th inning and didn't allow any runs! We won 6-2! Cheraw beat us 11-0 when we played them during the first "half" of our season Photobucket
Just in case you are counting......
Our first "half" record - 4 Wins, 7 Losses
Our second "half" record – 5 Wins – 1 Loss and a TEAM that is playing together, supporting each other and having FUN! (I realize the paper says we are 8-7, I honestly can't figure out how they arrived at that.)


Martha said...

YEA! Drew and Krissy. Wish I could have been at BOTH games :(. Y'all need to move closer so I can watch more often.