Saturday, April 5, 2008


We spent the day getting Krissy ready for the prom. I find it hard to believe that it took ALL day long. She went at 9:30 this morning to have her nails done and get a pedicure. Drew's baseball game was rained out and her hair appointment wasn't until 2pm, so she wanted to go to TJ Maxx and see if we could find a clutch for her to carry. We looked at some last weekend, but never found the perfect one and then with all the ball games this week, we never got around to looking anymore. TJ Maxx had the perfect bag to match her shoes. It could not have been any better if they had sold them in a set. The best part of it was it was only $12.00! We walked by the jewelry counter as we were leaving and she found a ring that she fell in love with. She had borrowed a ring from Maggie, but this one was exactly what she had imagined wanting. There didn't seem to be anyone working at the jewelry counter so I started walking around it and towards the customer service desk to see if they could get someone to come help us. As I walked around the jewelry counter, I noticed a lady sitting in the floor leaning back against the case. Right as I asked her if she was ok she fell over into the floor and was out cold! I told the ladies at the customer service desk and they came over and went into the jewelry cases and started fanning her. Another customer kept saying is she diabetic? Is she diabetic? Is she diabetic? The employees just kept fanning her. Finally she started coming back around and said No to the lady asking if she was diabetic. Then one of the employees asked her if she wanted them to call 911. She asked a couple of times without getting a response and I finally looked at the girl fanning her and told her that I thought she needed to call 911 or someone! They finally called a family member to come, but buy the time we left the lady was carrying on a coherent conversation with us and the other employees. I never did hear what caused her to pass out though.
Krissy was absolutely spastic while she was having her hair done. That girl is the most particular about her hair of anyone I have ever seen. She had this picture of Heidi Klum and Seal going to some awards ceremony and she wanted her hair done like Heidi's was in the picture. I believe she drove Lynne absolutely crazy. She kept telling Lynne HOW to do her hair. I wouldn't be surprised if Lynne refuses to do her hair ever again. It really did look pretty in the end though.
It absolutely monsooned all day long. There was absolutely no way to go to the park and take Prom pictures today. It had never occur ed to me that it might rain so I had never come up with a back up plan. We wound up going to the house of one of the guys in the group that Krissy went to prom with to take pictures. It was ok. They did have room for all of us to be inside, which none of the rest of us did so at least we didn't get soaked. I hope I get to take some more at the midnight breakfast at the church later tonight.


Martha said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl. Of course, I am very biased! I love her hair even if she did drive the hairdresser crazy. She looks really really pretty!