Friday, April 4, 2008

Third time's not always a charm

The girls played their third game of the week tonight. It didn't end up quite as good as the first two, but the score was still better than the last time we played South Florence. It was definantly a success in that the girls seemed to have fun and were supportive of each other, even when they made mistakes. This is a HUGE turnaround from the snarky, snippy meanness earlier in the season. I'm posting a slideshow of some pictures I took tonight. Mostly Krissy pitching. She came in to relieve Carson tonight. They both had a hard time with the umpire tonight. He was not liking their corner pitches. Actually I am not positive that was his problme. He was just plain inconsistant. They both really pitched well though.

Tomorrow we will hit the floor running. Drew has baseball in the morning and Krissy has Prom tomorrow night. Of course it will take most of the day to get ready for that between nail appointments, hair appointments, getting dressed and trying to dodge the predicted thunderstorms in order to take pictures in the park. I am tired just thinking about it!